Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 1776: The Battle of Long Island

Today in 1776 (as picture above describes) the Battle of Long Island took place. Major General George Washington's American Continental clashed on this now peaceful part of the city.
On July 3rd, the Bitish fleet landed on Staten Island. The congress declared independence the next day, on the celebrated July 4th. On August 26th the British received information about few unguarded areas on the northern side of Long Island, where they launched their attack. The battle lasted through 27th and into 28th; depite the reinforcements General Washington brought, the American troops were forced to withdraw from Brooklyn the next day.
Due to this unexpected attack, the American troops were driven out of Brooklyn and eventually evacuated out of New York State, into New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The British used Manhattan and rest of New York City as its military base until the Evacuation Day (November 25th, 1783) when the last vestiges of British authority in the U.S. departed from Manhattan. ☆

Jin Shin, EVHP Staff

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